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Associate Scientific Director, BS, has been a part of the Surpass team since 2010 and contributes more than 23 years of experience in pharmaceutical and combination medical device product development and preclinical research, including positions with ALZA Corporation and 3M Pharmaceuticals. In her position as Senior Biochemical Pharmacologist with 3M, she performed numerous GLP and non-GLP rodent and large animal preclinical pharmacokinetic/toxicokinetic studies. She worked closely with the regulatory department to develop functional templates and departmental processes for regulatory submissions andwas responsible for the non-clinical pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics portions of the Common Technical Document (CTD) leading up to FDA pre-IND review. Her experience with preclinical models includes studies in pharmacokinetics, delayed hypersensitivity and contact sensitization, wound healing, sepsis, heart valve replacement, drug-coated stents and balloons, aneurysm models, nerve stimulation, trauma injury models, and peripheral vascular disease. Her experience includes all phases of study development, conduct, and reporting. At Surpass, Inc. she has been responsible for the oversight and direction of numerous GLP and non-GLP studies in various animal models. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls.

Scientist/Study Director, BS, has more than 17 years of preclinical research experience in the areas of immunology, pharmaceutical development and medical devices. She has held research positions at 3M Pharmaceuticals as a Senior Pharmacologist and at LyChron, LLC as a GLP Study Director and has extensive in vitro and in vivo preclinical model development experience. While with 3M Pharmaceuticals, she established in vivo and in vitro models and executed immunological assays for the screening and evaluation of the mechanism of action of novel compounds. Current in vivo experience includes models of wound healing, cardiac valve replacements, diabetes, cerebral ischemia, thrombosis, spinal fusion, CABG, aneurysms, and vascular stenting, grafting, embolization and occlusion. She was a contributing author on several publications and regulatory submissions to the FDA in the areas of immunology and preclinical pharmaceutical development. In addition, she is trained in Six Sigma Green Belt methodology and successfully completed a GLP training seminar with West Coast Quality Training Institute. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls.

Director of Surgical and Interventional Services, BS, SRS, is a highly skilled animal research surgeon and interventionalist with over 20 years of experience in the preclinical environment. His experience includes model development for congestive heart failure (CHF), myocardial infarction, aneurysm creations, coronary/cardiac bypass (CBP) and coronary restenosis. He has performed thousands of thoracic surgeries including valve replacements and grafts, CABG related procedures (connectors, grafts, etc.), CHF related procedures and epicardial lead placements and wound healing. Additionally, he has performed numerous interventional cases including, coronary/peripheral stent implantation; PFO/ASD research; atrial ablation research; pacing/ICD lead placements percutaneous closure devices; IVUS experimentation; myocardial stem cell research; peripheral nerve and baro receptor stimulation and numerous other interventional and surgical procedures. After receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from St. Cloud State University, he obtained a Surgical Research Specialist certification from the Academy of Surgical Research and trained at the University of Minnesota in Experimental Surgical Services under Richard Bianco.

Surgeon and Interventionalist, AS, LAT, SRS, has 12 years of technical experience in a preclinical surgical and interventional research environment, with more than 5 years of direct surgical and interventional experience in large animal procedures including spinal fusions, vascular aneurysm creations, myocardial ischemia reperfusion procedures, angiographic acquisition in peripheral and myocardial vasculature, sternotomy and thoracotomy's, coronary and cardiac bypass, and excisional incisional wound models. She also has a Surgical Research Specialist certification from the Academy of Surgical Research.

Attending Veterinarian, BSChE, DVM, comes to Surpass with more than 22 years of experience as a Veterinary Professional with experience in large animal preclinical laboratory medicine, private practice, emergency services, herd medicine, and orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. Her preclinical experience includes management of small, large, and exotic animal colonies, assurance of animal health and well-being, regulatory compliance and staff training. She graduated from the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology.