Train Your Key Physicians and Your Team

Do you need to schedule clinical bio-skills training prior to the start of your clinical trials? Or need to schedule physician training on your device in a human cadaver or animal models prior to clinical use? 

In either case, Surpass can help. Surpass provides spacious operating rooms (ORs) for bio-skills training of physicians and your clinical support team using human cadaver and in vivo animal models. Our facility is conveniently located in the Midwest, greater Twin Cities, a major center of biomedical research. Our location provides easy access for physicians and teams across the United States and worldwide. Surpass can also accommodate concurrent stations within the same or separate ORs, as well as didactic sessions and lectures. 

Our staff can support your efforts: assisting with facility set up, catering, setting up flow loops in human cadavers specimens, creating specialized surgical models, and more. We will make sure your bio-skills and physician training sessions run smoothly from beginning to end.

Contact us to discuss your next physician training or clinical bio-skills training at our greater Twin Cities/Minneapolis location.

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Physician Training.