Choosing a Facility for your Human Cadaver Study

Oct 23, 2018

After identifying the need to conduct a human cadaver study for medical device testing or physician bioskills training (review our recent blog post detailing when human cadaver labs provide value over animal studies), the next step is vetting possible locations and ideal partners for your project. This decision should not be taken lightly as the benefits or ramifications can be significant to your product development or clinical trial. There are many important criteria to consider when selecting the right cadaver study facility; Surpass has outlined a few areas below:

  • Facility has a reputable source for human cadaver specimens (tissues, full or partial cadavers);
  • Specimens are serologically screened for common pathogens and have standard medical history available for review;
  • Staff working on cadavers studies have excellent working knowledge of human anatomy and be experienced in necessary procedures (e.g., cadaver specimen prep, prescreen imaging, isolation of target anatomy, cannulating vessels, setting up flow loops, establishing pressurized models, and harvesting implants);
  • Personal protective equipment and procedures are in place for protecting participants (clients and staff) against any pathogens during and after the human cadaver study;
  • Appropriate equipment (c-arms, cath Labs, OCT, IVUS, CT, etc.) is available to conduct your study at the facility - ideally similar equipment to those used in the clinical setting should be available;
  • Human cadaver study facility has appropriate number of procedure rooms (ORs or other), and is situated in a convenient location for easy access by your product development team, participating physicians, and trainers; and,
  • Procedures and documentation are in place for appropriate cremation/disposal of the specimen per the regulations and processing of the instruments and disposables used in the cadaver study.

As a valued human cadaver study facility servicing the medical device industry for more than a decade, the Surpass team is ready to support your upcoming cadaver lab. Whether you are coordinating physician bioskills training or planning R&D testing of device prototypes, the Surpass team is here to make your project successful.

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