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Surpass Provides a Guest Blog for MDTmag on Building a Value Proposition for Medical Technologies

June 21, 2019

Surpass CEO Dr. Tim Pelura provides a guest blog on MDTmag outlining the importance of value-driven innovation and how to construct a value proposition for medical technologies.

The July 21, 2015, edition of MDTmag, the online Medical Design Technology news source, featured Does Your Medical Innovation Have Legs in the New Healthcare Reality, a guest blog by Surpass CEO, Dr. Tim Pelura, about building a value proposition for medical technologies. This is the first blog of a two part series centered around the value proposition for medical devices where  Dr. Pelura shares his insight gained from many years as an executive and entrepreneur focused on medical innovation.

In the blog Dr. Pelura outlines how the new realities in healthcare call for value driven innovation. In order to improve their prospects for success, Innovators must take a broader view than they have in the past. Our new reality of healthcare demands that innovators cultivate a focus on the principals of value and demonstration of outcomes advantage. Given our current predicament of rising healthcare costs and constrained resources, there is a critical need for value-driven innovations that enable greater cost efficiency.

Essentials of Value-Driven Medical Innovation

Given these new realities, where does the medical technology innovator begin? We believe that successful innovation begins with identification of a real clinical problem and is guided by a compelling and rigorously formulated value proposition. Dr. Pelura's blog post outlines how you build a robust value proposition and identifies some key models for evaluating the viability of your technology. Dr. Pelura discusses how to use the system created by Michael Skok of Harvard Innovation Lab to identify aspects of problems that represent opportunities and how to construct a strong value proposition for your technology.

At the early stage of a project, as the various stages of engineering and preclinical and clinical research are put into play, it is important to make sure the guiding principles of the value proposition are screwed in tightly to every aspect of product development. A strong value proposition helps ensure that the significant investments in terms of dollars and the blood, sweat and years to get a product to market lead to successful and meaningful innovation.

Check out the full blog on MDTmag. To see the second blog in the series, Don't Let Product Development Go Off Course.